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You Need the StyleRow Product Clipper — STAT!

When was the last time you had to hunt through your browsing history, bookmarks, or worse–look through an entire brand catalog again for a product you sourced weeks or months ago?

We’ve got good news for you: with the StyleRow Product Clipper, you can say goodbye to that tedious process of re-sourcing products you’ve already spent time on forever. 

What it is and what it does

The StyleRow Product Clipper was built to be your diligent digital assistant while sourcing from your favorite brands and vendors online. It copies item photos and records prices, lead times, dimensions, specifications, and any other notes, saving them directly into your categorized StyleRow Product Library

What’s more, you can select rooms and projects you’ve created in StyleRow to save specific items to if you’re sourcing for a particular project, or create mood boards quickly by clipping inspiration photos to custom StyleRow Inspiration Boards

But what if you absolutely need to revisit a product’s webpage? The Product Clipper’s got your back on that, too–it’ll automatically store the link to the product page for every item you save so that you can always check the source.

So, is it basically your own personal design catalog? Yes. Is it giving you time back on grunt work so you can be your best creative self? Yes. And most importantly? The StyleRow Product Clipper is completely free with our StyleRow Basic Plan (also free).

How to get it

Wondering how to get started immediately? See our simple instructions below:

If you already have a StyleRow Account

Download the Clipper from the Chrome Store and hit the ground running. Easy sourcing, just a few clicks away.

If you’re not a StyleRow Designer yet

You can create a StyleRow Account here and use the same Chrome Store link above to download the Product Clipper. 

Happy sourcing, and don’t forget to leave a review in the Chrome Store if the StyleRow Product Clipper has helped change your design experience for the better!

Article Summary

The reasons why you need the StyleRow Clipper are many, but we’ve listed a few below:

– Automatically clip products from your favorite sites, brands, and vendors into a categorized, digital forever library.

– Search the StyleRow Library whenever and wherever for products you’ve already sourced.

– Easily put projects and mood boards together by clipping items directly into them.

– Save all the information you need on products, from name and page link to price, dimensions, specifications, and more.

– Be part of an ever-growing StyleRow Design community.

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