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Lexi in Paris

One of our designers, Lexi Fields, recently got back from the trip of a lifetime. At Highpoint Market this past October, Lexi won the StyleRow giveaway and an invite to Paris Déco Off. Read more to learn about interior design trends, brands, and excursions she experienced while exploring!

Paris Déco Off takes place from January 18-22nd in St-Germain-des-Prés and expresses decor and design through fabrics, wallpaper, trimmings, and wall coverings. Lexi stayed in the heart of St-Germain-des-Prés, which allowed easy daily access to the Parisian vendor and designer showrooms. Lexi had the chance to see new collections and signature lines first-hand!

Favorite Showrooms

L’Atelier 55 was Lexi’s favorite of the Parisian vendors. She had the chance to connect with representatives in the states while visiting the showroom. L’Atelier 55 is known for its mid-century furniture and modern contemporary art. Lexi was fascinated by how they use many similar materials as our design team in a fresh, unique way. L’Atelier 55 displayed an array of funky lighting, table lamps, and chandeliers – things you would not see in the United States. L’Atelier 55 had everything from furniture to lighting and accent tables, several of which incorporated unique shapes, colors, and textures.

The de Gournay showroom was next! This showroom had an extensive selection of pretty hand painted wallpaper and impressive murals. Lexi stumbled across this textile designer for the first time in Paris, and this showroom had all the latest collections. One of the most prominent trends throughout the showroom was textured wallpaper. Not the typical Grasscloth we see, but rather tons of embroidered and embellished wallpapers. Ranging from beading to hand-sewn embroidery. Incorporating this type of wallpaper would add much dimension to any space.

Saving the best for last, Dedar Milano, based out of Milan, creates everything from abstract textiles to wallcoverings. Lexi loved the twist that Dedar puts on neutral, simple fabrics; they take average white linen and add texture through boucle or herringbone. Dedar has genuinely innovative ideas seen throughout wallpaper and fabrics. Such as velvet wallpaper. Additionally, they had a performance wallpaper that mimics rattan- and several other outdoor wallpaper selections such as velvet and boucle. Dedar has simple whites and neutrals but also several cool bold patterns allowing for a unique combination of colors and fabrics – unlike anything Lexi has ever seen!

Schumacher Opening Party

Schumacher is a Megan Molten favorite! Our design team often uses their stunning wallpaper in our design projects. Lexi was able to attend the Schumacher Showroom opening in Paris. The showroom had tons of classic wallpapers and fabrics that everyone loves and recognized as well as several new releases. The most captivating wallpaper Lexi saw was the feather wallpaper- made out of real bird feathers how cool!

Lunch at Bambini

Lexi dined at Bambini, an Italian-themed eatery while participating in a design-thought leader lunch. Hosted by StyleRow leaders in design from all over the states were invited to participate. During this lunch, all the participants shared trends commonly seen in design, architecture, and much more. The restaurant is beautifully embellished with muted colors and a mixture of patterns. The atmosphere was so lively and inviting!

Seine River Sunset Cruise

The most relaxing moment of the entire trip was the Seine river sunset cruise. Floating slowly down the most scenic river during sunset was a reflective moment. The boat offered a new opportunity to see the Eiffel Tower from the water.

Lexi was so grateful for the opportunity to travel abroad and explore new design opportunities she brought back to share with the Megan Molten team.

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