StyleRow Academy

September is back to school time (even if it’s remote), but that doesn’t mean kids get to have all the fun – we’re on a mission to fill this month with a blend of practical learning that can impact your design businesses today and some amazing steps towards building the path to an even better tomorrow.

Learning & Inspiration for Today and Beyond

Over the last several months we’ve all probably been forced to make the fast decisions and changes to keep moving forward in a quickly shifting business landscape. We’ve created a line up of amazing resources, inspirational talks and practical learning opportunities to help us all continue on the journey forward.

9/9 – StyleRow Conversations: Designing Beyond Aesthetics

When designers, Miami-based Katie Gutierrez and New York-based Laurence Carr begin to conceptualize a space, they consider more than just color palette and design aesthetics. Join us as we take a 360 view of holistic design from process to product selection and discover how to apply their tried and true methods to your practice.

9/14 – Future of Home: The Truth About Sourcing

StyleRow is thrilled to be back as a partner for the 2020 Future of Home. Erinn V. will be speaking with Dennis Scully as part of the wonderful speaker lineup.

Description: One of the top frustrations for designers is the lack of information available online—and as a result, they tend to source from the brands that make the experience easy. But for trade brands in particular, delivering a frictionless experience can be costly and time consuming. Valencich is addressing the pain points for designers and manufacturers with StyleRow, a design management tool and marketplace she launched to the trade late last year. In this discussion, she’ll share what she’s learned in the past year, and how StyleRow is doing for the design office what Uber did for transportation.

9/17 – StyleRow Webinar: Unlocking the Full Power of StyleRow

Designers on StyleRow are saving tons of time, collaborating more, discovering new brands, and transforming the way their process works for the better. Join Erinn V. as she walks through the most practical ways to harness StyleRow’s robust platform for quickly cutting down the time wasted on administrative work and turning your practice into an even better business.

9/18 – StyleRow Instagram Live – Ask Me Anything with Eric Chang

Hellman-Chang, a furniture design company started by childhood friends Daniel Hellman and Eric Chang in 2011, has grown to become an internationally recognized—and beloved—brand in the world of interior design. What began as a weekend woodworking hobby in a small wood shop in Brooklyn has now grown into a 16,000-square-foot studio where all of the design-build magic happens. The self-taught duo also now has about 15 master craftsman from around the world working on staff. Join Eric and Erinn V. as we go live for Q&A and storytelling on the @stylerow_collections instagram.

9/24 – StyleRow Webinar: Digital Marketing 101

The present digital-first world demands a savvier digital marketing strategy to continue to drive business forward. For many, finding the time to stay up to speed with what they could and should be doing makes them avoid digital altogether, or hope that simply having a website and posting on social channels will sufficiently carry their needs. Join StyleRow CRO Jodie Ellis as he walks through the top practical things you need to know to make digital channels start working for you.

Building for the Future

The range of creative and business talent in our industry is unmatched, and more than ever, we must rely on each other to share perspective and opportunity to achieve our collective progress. We’re very excited to be launching a range of initiatives and content dedicated to fostering the future growth of our entire design community, and we can’t wait to have you join us.

9/22 StyleRow Conversations: The Value of Mentorship

Like the innate passion for design, often passed from generation to generation, the practice of design is no different. Many designers credit their forebearers by passing on their knowledge to the next crop of talent. Most will tell you that real education is learned on the job, so any insight helps. Join us as Designers and advisors, DC-based Kiyonda Powell and LA-based Mark Weaver, illuminate the rewarding aspects of paying it forward and outline the incredible value of mentorship for designers in the early aughts of their careers. Whether you’re the prospective mentor or mentee, discover the impact mentorship can have on your design practice.

StyleRow Action – Promoting Positive Change

This summer when industries across the board collectively addressed the systemic inequity that has impacted BIPOC for too long, the design industry was no exception. With an introspective and honest look at our own young company, we felt compelled to ingrain inclusivity, diversity, and empowerment into our core values. With that, it’s our humble honor to introduce our new initiative StyleRow Action where we pledge to make both long and short term changes to do our part in propelling the design industry and all its members ever forward. We’re putting our money where our mouth is and our action where our money is, partnering with BIPOC organizations throughout the design world and beyond to leverage our platform to help amplify their voices. An integral part of this initiative is our internship program, aimed at providing opportunities and real world experience to the next generation with the goal of learning from them in turn. We hope you’ll join us.

StyleRow Tastemakers – Sharing Unique Perspectives

As the fastest growing community of designers and brands, we are surrounded by an abundance of creative talent. Join us as we provide a fun new way to share and promote what makes your vantage point all your own and may even discover your aesthetic soulmates along the way.

StyleRow Tastemakers is a new series launching this month that will highlight beautiful selections of product and perspective from our amazing design community, and we invite you to participate.