StyleRow Action

The words unprecedented and extraordinary keep being used to describe the times we are living in. Yet we are truly inspired by what can happen when the world at large comes together with a common goal, and we want to do our part in the most impactful way possible.

We consciously recognize that the world of interior design is seriously lacking in diversity, especially with regards to the inclusion of BIPOC designers and makers. We also consciously recognize that we can and should play an active role in working towards change. With this in mind, we are taking steps for how we can do our part in bringing lasting inclusivity into our field, outlined below.

StyleRow Action is the formal organization of our company-wide efforts to be proactive contributors to social progress in our industry and beyond.

StyleRow Action Donation Pledge

We are committed to contributing resources to organizations that advance social good.  We will share how we are contributing these resources to maintain transparency, foster participation from others in the space, and hold ourselves accountable.

StyleRow Action proudly supports:

StyleRow Action Education and Opportunity Pledge

We are committed to expanding access to tools, learning, and practical opportunities to BIPOC and other marginalized social groups. We will actively and work to consistently build these opportunities into our day-to-day operations. We will share our progress and our plans along the way, and will hold ourselves accountable.

We are presently piloting an internship program designed to provide practical training and hands-on learning opportunities, and welcome applicants on a rolling basis.

For more details on the internship opportunities, please reach out to


As part of our commitment to action, we also strive to shine a light on the organizations and people that are championing progress. Below is a list of links to spaces, places, and organizations doing great work to create positive change. We are adding to it as we go, and welcome suggested additions.

Get In Touch

We are not perfect, however, we are proactive, and we are always looking for ways to improve. 

If there is anything you feel is missing, or want to see more of – we have made a space for just that – If you are or someone you know is a designer of color with amazing work to promote, please email us there too. This is a lasting conversation, and we are more than happy to continue taking part.