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Reorder Rooms, Comment Filters, Item Discounts | StyleRow Platform Updates

Hey Designers!
(Let it snow) new features! ❄️ ‘Tis the season for holiday cheer and we are cheering you on in your projects. As we approach the end of the year, we are implementing a variety of changes in Projects so that you can work faster, more efficiently, and more creatively. Read through the updates below to see what’s new!

What’s New on the StyleRow Platform?

Reorder Rooms & Sections Fast!

Build a new Project faster than ever. Click on Reorder Rooms from the Project to drag them into the order you’d like easily from this overlay. The Budget will match this order.

New Filter for Team & Client Comments

Use the Team and Client Comment filters to see team and client comments in the last day, week, and now, any items that have comments. Communicating about items has never been easier or more effective!

Apply a Discount on Items

Markup percentages for Products and Labors can now be negative – use them to apply discounts to items, or set the markup percentage to -100% to waive the cost of that item for your client.

Typeahead in “Team Status” and “Client Status”

Unlock powerful management by using the Status feature on items. Now, find the correct team or client status fast by using the typeahead capability.


Have feedback for us?

How is StyleRow working for you? Send us a feedback message to productfeedback@stylerow.com to let us know what’s working well and how you envision StyleRow can be your all-in-one design platform.

Warm regards,
The StyleRow Product Team

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