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Bulk Actions, Sync, Export to Excel | StyleRow Platform Updates

Hey Designers,
What a year it’s been! Whether you’ve been a StyleRow Designer for the whole year or joined us halfway, we are thankful to have you and your support. That’s why we’re happy to wrap this year up with a few new features and hope they make your project management a joy! Check out what’s new below: 

What’s New on the StyleRow Platform?

Quick Add Items to Rooms

Start a Project faster than ever after you add Rooms and set up a Budget by Quick Adding placeholder items. Currently, you must have a Budget created to fully use this feature.

Simply click on “Quick Add Items” in the new “+Add” menu and choose your Room, Items, Quantity, and Price ranges. Items will be added to both your Project and Budget, allowing you to build out your scope of work quickly. You can add item details at any point as you further define your project. 

Stay tuned for more improvements on Quick Add in early 2022!


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Work Faster in Bulk Actions

Loving our Bulk Actions bar? We’ve expanded the clickable area of an item beyond the checkbox to the whole item. Click anywhere on the item to select or deselect.

Project and Budget: Syncing Price-related Fields

Now, markup percentages, client prices, and target prices sync across items in Project and Budget, saving you tons of time when you edit price-related fields for items.

Note that our platform does not currently support editing DNET or Retail prices for StyleRow’s Marketplace items, but the Client Price and Markup may be adjusted.

Export Budgets to Excel

Now you can export your Budget to Excel to allow for ongoing management or presenting to clients. Have all your product photos, descriptions, and prices neatly organized in one sheet.


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Our Premium Users Love StyleRow

Dann Foley (Foley & Stinnette) and Erinn Valencich (Founder & CEO of StyleRow)

Have feedback for us?

Thank you again for supporting StyleRow this year. If you have feedback, send us a note at productfeedback@stylerow.com and we’ll be sure to hit the ground running in the new year with more platform improvements.

We wish you a safe and happy holiday! 

The StyleRow Product Team

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