The StyleRow Podcast

Go inside the interior design industry as host Erinn Valencich interviews the creatives responsible for bringing the worlds most beautiful spaces alive. Learn what inspires the brands, designers and leaders on what it takes to run their businesses.

Episode 7: Tina Ramchandani

Listen in to hear how Tina Ramchandani, earned her stripes under one of the design industry’s biggest names, and how she’s paying it forward to other small businesses under her own award-winning banner. With a signature style all her own she’s made waves in the New York design scene with her soulful modernism. Her look is defined by the carefully curated artisan and handmade products she chooses for her contemporary projects.

Episode 6: Dakota Jackson

Listen in as Dakota Jackson weaves a tale of magic, movement, and design. Erinn V. pulls back the curtain to what influences one of the design world’s most dazzling characters. Celebrating 50 years of his eponymous design firm Jackson shares that he got to this place by stamina and a strong stomach. A commissioned desk is the center of a tale – how it finds its way back to Jackson’s studio thirty-seven years later where the intimate purpose of the design is revealed.

Episode 5: Ginna Christensen

Listen in as Ginna Christensen, business coach at GC Collaborative shares how she advises clients on the importance of having a crystal clear mission statement. Once solid in your vision push forward and believe in your strengths to meet your goals. Ginna’s key – Stand for something. Do not be afraid to say this is who I am.

Episode 4: Adam Hunter

Listen in as Adam Hunter shares how by utilizing his strong communication skill set, honed during his time as an actor, he catapulted Adam Hunter Inc. to one of the top Los Angeles Design firms. Adam’s essentials for success; understanding your clients, managing expectations, and finesse with authenticity.

Episode 3: Tineke Triggs

Listen in as Tineke Triggs shares how she pivoted a tech career in Silicon Valley to flipping condos in San Francisco and igniting her passion for design. With a background in engineering, Tineke approached design from the Project Management perspective by positioning herself as a liaison between builders and architects. Tineke’s successful firm Artistic Designs for Living is now in its 19th-year thanks to her ability to stay ahead of the creative curve and a keen eye for the details.

Episode 2: Eric Chang

Listen in as Eric Chang shares how he and his childhood best friend Daniel Hellman segued their after school woodworking hobby into the luxury furnishing company Hellman-Chang. Eric lets us in on his secret to success – showing up with respect. Respect for the industry and craftsmanship with a side of impeccable style.

Episode 1: Ariel Johnson

Ariel Johnson shares how she got her start in interior design with the guidance of Tim Gunn and how she’s since evolved Ariel Fox Design by setting crystal clear goals. Erinn V. pulls back the curtain to reveal how Ariel innovates to build an exceptional culture. Focused on financial stability, Ariel structures her team so it is positioned for growth, and develops standards for her all female firm.