StyleRow Marketplace Month Aug ’20

Recap: August ’20 – Marketplace Month at StyleRow

Thanks for making Marketplace Month a huge success. Explore all the great replay content below.

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    Featured Content Replays

    August 18 – StyleRow Podcast Special Release, Dakota Jackson Part 2

    Get comfortable with your favorite beverage as the conversation continues. Dakota Jackson shares what makes up the balanced layers of a successful business, from the assembling of a community of builders, the ethical responsibility to deliver, and the idea that ultimately you are building a better society. Do something because you have dreamt it, not because you have permission rather do it because you have not been told not to. 

    August 18 – StyleRow Showcase with Erinn V: Speeding Up the Process from Sourcing to Approvals

    Join StyleRow CEO Erinn Valencich as she shows you how to harness the full power of StyleRow from inspiration through installation. Learn how to become more efficient with sourcing, project management, client sharing and approvals, budgeting, and more.

    August 19 – StyleRow Showcase with Erinn V: Speeding Up the Process from Sourcing to Approvals

    Join StyleRow founder Erinn V. and special guest, Marie Burgos for a one-on-one Q&A session on Instagram LIVE. Discover where the multi-talented interior/product designer finds her inspiration, what’s next for her brand, and how she manages to balance it all. Tune in to submit your questions and get answers direct from the designer in real-time. Be sure to follow @stylerow_collections to watch live.

    Featured Replays

    August 12 – StyleRow Conversations: Translating Inspiration into Textiles with Lori Weitzner and Melinda Marquardt

    While some textiles may appear straightforward and uncomplicated on the surface, designers know there is always a story, a source of inspiration that informed the color palette, scale, and form. Join textile design icon Lori Weitzner and the next generation’s stand out star The Vale London’s Melinda Marquardt for a behind-the-sketch pad exploration of how they see and interpret pattern through their uniquely gifted lens.

    August 11 – StyleRow Podcast Special Release, Dakota Jackson Part 1

    In part 1, Dakota Jackson weaves a tale of magic, movement, and design. Erinn V. pulls back the curtain to what influences one of the design world’s most dazzling characters. Celebrating 50 years of his eponymous design firm Jackson shares that he got to this place by stamina and a strong stomach. A commissioned desk is the center of a tale – how it finds its way back to Jackson’s studio twenty-seven years later where the intimate purpose of the design is revealed. 

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