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Design Watch: Designers We Love!

In this edition, get acquainted with some of our favorite designers at the moment! From biographical design to embracing imperfections, these designers are bringing a new attitude to the art. 

DeMuro Das – Brian DeMuro & Puru Das

DeMuro Das is an international design powerhouse based in New Delhi and New York. Drawing inspiration from India’s rich culture, Brian DeMuro and Puru Das founded the brand in 2002 after visiting their families in New Delhi. The duo noticed how underdeveloped the furniture market was: Das described the concept of local carpenters coming to your home and assembling a piece of furniture in your driveway based on a catalog photo. To bring a stronger sense of quality and luxury to this market, they began working to fill this gap. While furniture served as their initial foray, the trajectory of DeMuro Das seamlessly evolved to encompass broader design realms. A natural progression led them to the realm of interior design followed by architectural services, symbolizing a holistic approach to shaping spaces. At the heart of DeMuro Das’s ethos is the aspiration to craft interiors that resemble the timeless nature of honest beauty. Their artistic philosophy is precisely modernist, but rooted in history. This very connection to India’s design heritage has empowered them to manifest creations that are both historical and contemporary, the epitome of crafted luxury. 

Bilal Rehman Studio – Bilal Rehman

Bilal Rehman is creating waves in the interior design space with his design approach grounded in experience. This designer turned internet celebrity has forged an unwavering fan base by staying true to himself and sharing his audacious style. Five years ago, Bilal was a college student majoring in computer engineering, a choice aligned with his parents’ conventional aspirations. Yet, his passion for interior design blossomed through an internship on the periphery of his academics. After four diligent years at only 23 years old, he opened Bilal Rehman Studio. Recognized for his aesthetic that didn’t fit the mold at the time, Bilal’s dramatic, contemporary style incorporated unique conversation starters and breathed fresh life into Hosuton’s design landscape. He was doing well but needed that extra push to solidify his abilities as a young designer. Bilal recruited his younger sister to revamp his social media. Under her guidance, he embraced authenticity wholeheartedly, even if it meant cussing on camera. The outcome was staggering; within a mere 24 hours, Bilal’s follower count skyrocketed beyond 100,000, affording him a newfound platform to cultivate his business endeavors. The brand he’s created builds a singular, cohesive experience that stimulates all the senses of the visitors, each detail working together to tell a story. 

And Studio – Arianna De Gasperis

And Studio is an interior design practice dedicated to crafting spaces that foster connection and infuse daily life with profound richness. Founder Arianna De Gasperis is a Parsons New School for Design alum who blends the precision of a graphic designer with an innate affinity for the sensory dimensions intrinsic to interior environments. Arianna’s fascination with historic and peculiar spaces resonates deeply with her design ethos and is an ever-present motif in her creations. And Studio’s approach rests on four ideals: imperfection is beauty, connection, art as muse, and slowness as virtue. Consistently looking to art history for inspiration, she’s more interested in preserving roots than focusing on what feels like a footprint of today. When working on a space, she attempts to keep the intrinsic character of the place intact, finding charm in even the most accidental of flaws. In Arianna’s own home, an 1850s Queen Anne Victorian brownstone, all the authentic details from the stained-glass windows to the trim and molding were left untouched. In essence, And Studio stands as a testament to Arianna’s commitment to the harmonious interplay between history, design, and the inherent spirit of space.

Lambart and Browne – Freddy van Zevenbergen & Tom Browning

Lambart and Browne is a London-based interior design and architectural firm whose fundamental inspiration comes from one founder’s grandparents who forged creatively driven friendships and social circles. Freddy van Zevenbergen’s grandparents were heavily immersed in the vibrant creative surroundings of mid-20th century British writers, artists, and photographers. This spilled into Freddy’s upbringing, instilling within him a fascination for architecture and decoration at a young age. He partnered with Tom Browning in 2010 to found Lambart and Browne which has continued to grow organically throughout the past decade. They have developed a meticulous process across all stages of design from conception to spatial coordination to construction. Sourcing from revered manufacturers, hand sketching designs at each stage, incorporating CGI, curating bespoke pieces, and many other details ensure each client receives a top-of-the-line experience and result. Lambart and Browne have an impressive portfolio working on both private homes and members clubs all while developing their own furniture to incorporate in each space. Upheld by the importance of creating spatial energy and emotion, this firm knows no boundaries. 

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