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About Vestaboard

Vestaboard is a beautiful smart messaging display designed to help our customers inspire others. It is art, organization, and inspiration in a single frame.

This modern re-imagination of the iconic train station arrival & departure sign can be controlled from anywhere with a phone or computer. Vestaboard creates a focal point and a shared messaging experience that captures attention and enhances any setting every day.

With its elegantly designed and patented split-flap character unit “Bits,” Vestaboard makes a lovely sound when the letters are spinning, bringing life to any space. The 132 Bits display messages of letters, numbers, punctuation and all the colors of the rainbow. Send any message, set up automations, integrate with popular services or create custom solutions through API.

Founder and CEO Dorrian Porter conceptualized Vestaboard as a way to send inspiring messages to his children from afar without introducing another digital screen to the home. Product designer Faiza Hassan and the team at Bould Design took Dorrian’s concept to modernize the vintage display and gave life to its design as Vestaboard. The dedicated team of designers and engineers developed a seamless user experience addressing everything from industrial design, branding, and typography to installation through a no-stone-unturned design process. Size, colors, materials and sound were all carefully considered. In a world of constant distraction, Vestaboard brings people together and gets people looking up.

The World of Vestaboard

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