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About Vaughan

Vaughan is one of the world’s most eminent rs and manufacturers of decorative lighting, furniture and accessories, available exclusively to the trade. Since 1983, Vaughan has been the go-to resource for the world’s most beautiful homes, boutique hotels, restaurants and galleries with high quality, classic and contemporary product offerings.

Our collection covers a spectrum of styles and eras, from the 17th century to modernism, yet almost every piece has a signature aesthetic. Clean lines, streamlined simplicity and a purity of form define our design philosophy. The Vaughan Collection is renowned for timeless design and quality, rarely affected by fleeting trends.

Vaughan is renowned for exceptional craftsmanship and quality. Traditional and authentic manufacturing methods are utilized and products are made, assembled, or finished in Britain. Using the very finest materials, such as solid cast brass as our lamps’ base substance, even when plating with nickel, Vaughan lighting and furnishings have a rare depth and richness of finish. Our Hampshire factory employs an outstanding team of engineers, craftspeople and skilled workers who ensure high standards of production. We also call upon some of the best independent craft experts, from blacksmiths to makers of hand blown crystal.

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