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Modern Lifestyles with Traditional Japanese Aesthetics

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Time & Style offers a wide range of daily goods from furniture to lighting, tableware, and towels. The products are diverse, yet they are all created based on the same concept consistent among the tiniest teacup to chairs and tables. Time & Style fuses modern lifestyles with traditional Japanese aesthetics. With a universality not affected by eras, flexibility to blend into various scenes in daily lives, and functionality of everyday tools, we pursue comprehensive quality that endures long-term use.

Their products with simple forms and comfortable edginess are realized by the reliable handwork of Japanese artisans, utilizing a wide range of traditional techniques from different regions. Although the aesthetics of the products are not all based on the Japanese style, the neutral appearance that is neither Japanese nor Western still resembles the Japanese elegance through its fine details and dignified presence. They continue the challenge of establishing a new tradition of manufacturing with like-minded artisans from all over the country, to offer products that transcend time and cultures.

At the Time & Style factory in Asahikawa, Hokkaido, they streamline all processes from sawing, drying, and even examining the sawing method according to the wood type, to woodworking, polishing, and finishing. The products are manufactured by skilled artisans as much as possible, which takes time as they make no compromises. While optimization by mechanization is the mainstream today, Time & Style aims to establish a new Japanese artisanship with delicacy and respect.

They value looking back at traditional culture unique to Japan in order to learn the wisdom and techniques based on philosophies cultivated by our ancestors. Time & Style aims to utilize what they learned to create new products for modern lives, sharing them domestically and internationally.

The World of TIME & STYLE


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Time & Style Milan
Via Eugenio Balzan
4 Largo Claudio Treves 2 Via San Marco
13 20121 Milan Italy
P 39.02.49658.560
Time & Style Amsterdam
Marnixstraat 148
1016 TE Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Time & Style Atmosphere
107-0062 4-27-15 Minami Aoyama
Minato ku Tokyo
P 3.5464.3205
Time & Style Residence Futakotamagawa
Tamagawa Takashimaya SC 6F
3-17-1 Tamagawa Setagaya ku
Tokyo 158-0094 Japan
Time & Style Midtown Roppongi
Tokyo Midtown Galleria 3F
9-7-4 Akasaka
Minato-ku Tokyo 107-0052 Japan
Time & Style Isetan Shinjuku
Isetan Shinjuku Main Bldg 5F
3-14-1 Shinjuku Shinjuku ku
Tokyo 160-0022 Japan
Time & Style Osaka
Osaka Shashin Kaikan 1F
2-7-14 Minami Senba Chuo ku
Osaka 542-0081 Japan
ComfortQ Time & Style
Hankyu Department Store 7F
8-7 Kakuda cho Kita ku Osaka
530-8350 Japan





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