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About Stephanie Odegard Co. Ltd.

Stephanie Odegard seeks to preserve rare artistic traditions from around the world and has devoted her career to assisting artisans in developing countries to promote and preserve their traditional crafts. Recognized as an international leader in contemporary design, she has expanded carpets to include finely crafted objects from regions outside Nepal and Tibet and has focused on preserving the ancient traditions which flourished during the Mughal period.

Having consulted in craft sectors for 15 years, before starting her own business, she served in different nations around the world positioning her well to develop products not only in textiles but in furniture, accessories, and architectural fixtures. Stephanie gets the most excitement and inspiration working through new concepts using ancient traditional skills with designers, helping them realize their visions for interiors. Stephanie Odegard’s collection of jewelry for the home includes furniture, lighting, textiles, decorative accessories, and architectural elements. Commissioning artisans in Nepal, India, Tibet, and Italy to create modern pieces, Stephanie Odegard works to assure the survival of their traditional crafts and honor the communities in which they are made. Each unique piece is infused with a clear sense that the artist’s hand has been at work. Whether highly decorative or minimally modern, Stephanie Odegard’s collection presents graceful, opulent surfaces, textiles, and objects worked in wood, stone, copper and other precious materials.

The World of Stephanie Odegard Co. Ltd.


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