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About Saladino

John Saladino is one of the world’s most distinguished and respected Architectural and Interior Designers. Often referred to as the designers’ designer, he started Saladino Furniture in 1969, with the introduction of the Saladino Lamp. Throughout his long-lived career, John has implemented his philosophy of mixing “old with new,” developing an unmistakably recognizable style which appeals to both traditional and modern clients. John’s vast knowledge of artistic history and commitment to irreproachable design, allows him to manipulate scale, color, and light at a masterful level. “I was born a sensualist, I studied minimalism, but history is the well I drink from. Ultimately, I seek to create environments of an alternate reality, with compelling emotional force.” JS

The World of Saladino


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200 Lexington Avenue Ste 1512
New York NY 10016

P 212.684.6805





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