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About PH Furniture & Pianos

PH Furniture & Pianos are true design icons for the next generation, designed by the renowned Danish luminary Poul Henningsen (PH) from 1919 to 1954. Poul Henningsen is well known for his lighting designs, especially the Artichoke and PH Lamps; however, he was one of the few Danish designers to also produce furniture and fine musical instruments. Poul Henningsen believed that these pieces shape one’s experiences with the world, and consequently affect one’s mindset, mood and ideas. PH Furniture & Pianos, situated in Copenhagen’s design district, is the only place in the world to discover the full collection of Poul Henningsen designed furniture pieces and pianos. PH Furniture & Pianos holds the exclusive worldwide rights to manufacture, market and sell all furniture pieces and pianos under license from the Henningsen family. The PH Furniture Collection consists of selected pieces of furniture produced from Poul Henningsen’s original drawings, whose designs embody the traditional Bauhaus principles of creating functional objects that are also visually arresting, tactile and inspiring. The four piano designs of the 1930s are remarkable and stunning designs that are truly customizable and possess superior piano action made using the finest European materials by artisan craftspeople. The furniture is an experience for the senses: from the ergonomic comfort of Poul Henningsen’s chair designs to the innovative lines of the dining tables and practical, beautiful storage solutions, each design is a perfect balance of aesthetic and functional mastery. Each piece can be customized with a multitude of finishes to suit any space, and is individually numbered, guaranteeing its authenticity and resulting value.

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PH Furniture & Pianos

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