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About Cygal Art Deco

Cygal Art Deco specializes in creating stunning handmade German Art Deco furniture in the glamorous French style of the 1920s and 1930s.

Our pieces are the opposite of mass-produced: we specialize in manufacturing individual furniture with style and personality, just as unique as our clients. The craftsmanship and superiority of material so valued in antiques is still available to this day. Our unique pieces are handmade for you with patience, love and meticulous attention to detail.

Peter Cygal, our late founder, followed his lifelong passion for Art Deco when he started his namesake company. He was inspired by the famous Art Deco designers Jules Leleu, Jean Dunand and Jacques-Émile Ruhlmann, and his personal experience in restoring original vintage pieces from all over Europe. The line of furniture he created oozes the glamour and distinct charm of French Art Deco. His workshop started out at a lean 150 square meters over 40 years ago. Today it measures approximately 60,000 square feet and receives requests from all over the world. Our pieces are applied in residential, commercial, hospitality and yacht projects. The secret of this success is building on a great foundation of consistent quality, exclusivity and timeless elegance.

The World of Cygal Art Deco


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Cygal Art Deco

8687 Melrose Ave B303

Los Angeles CA 90069

P: 424.288.4011





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