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About 11 Ravens

11 Ravens is a multidisciplinary design studio with a dedicated local manufacturing team specializing in luxury game tables and conversion top dining tables in Los Angeles, California. Their talented roster of designers and craftspeople, with over forty years of experience, produce high-quality precision-made game tables, furniture and more. They are driven by a passion for innovation and meticulous construction. 11 Ravens values their clients’ needs and creativity by providing personalized design services. They continually work to achieve a positive impact on the sports played with their collections and the interiors in which we live.

Their specialty is luxury game tables. The catalyst behind the 11 Ravens collections is the partnership of the founders (a professional ping pong athlete and coach) in collaboration with an award-winning designer.

The World of 11 Ravens


No upcoming shared events. Check with the brand for more info on where to connect in person.

8687 Melrose Avenue


Los Angeles CA 90069

P. 310.741.1681





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